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Eleven2 Hosting is a world class and very popular web hosting service provider which comprises of musicians, directors, film makers, writers, business owners and much more. Founded in 2004, Eleven2 Hosting has now become one of the fastest growing Web Hosting companies in the world. Presently it has a customer base in over 120 countries and hosts more than 60,000 websites. It has very competent plans for its customers with starting price of $6 per month and facility of unlimited domain names.

Prominent Web Hosting Plans and Packages

  • Small Plan (Type: Reseller) -  1000 GB bandwidth, 10 GB space for $20.96/month
  • Small Plan (Type: Linux) – 300 GB bandwidth, 30 GB space for $6.97/month
  • Medium Plan (Type: Linux) – 500 MB bandwidth , 40 GB space for $10.47/month
  • Large Plan (Type: Reseller) – 4000 GB bandwidth, 60 GB space for $41.96/month
  • Large Plan (Type: Linux) – 700 GB bandwidth, 50 GB space for $20.97/month
  • theULTIMATE2 Plan (Type: Reseller) – 10000 GB bandwidth, 100 GB space for $20/month
  • launchParty Plan (Type: Linux) – 60 GB bandwidth, 6000 MB space for $6/month

Top Reasons to use Eleven2

  • Continuous Support – This feature has now become one of the most essential to take care of the customer base.
  • Affordable Services – For one of the best quality of support, hardware and application modules, Eleven2 charges its customers merely $6 per month.
  • 60 Days money back guarantee – Although the chances are rare, but still if some user doesn’t like the services of Eleven2 Hosting, he can claim his money back within 60 days.
  • Reliable and Consistent – Most of the plans offered by them are very stable and customers do not feel the need to switch from these plans. These plans offer all sorts of services a customer is looking like huge amount of storage capacity, huge data transfer, enough bandwidth etc.
  • Free Website Transfer – In case the customers are not happy with their current web hosting service provider and want to switch to Eleven2 Hosting, they can do so without paying any fees for transfer. In fact, Eleven2 Hosting has defined a well set procedure by which customers can easily transfer their web host company.


Eleven2 Hosting is one of its kind companies which focus more on their customers and their needs rather than on their profits. This has now become the choice of many customers because it strives for continuous improvement.

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