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What is the setting of the memoir stitches by david small?

I’m doing a book report on the memoir stitches by david small & I”m so lost. I read the book about 2 weeks ago, but i don’t remmeber any of the specific details, please help!! any specific information you know, including the setting.. please let me know. Also, character names would be helpful as well. [...]

does anyone know the 7 eleven cruiser code for Sept.2, 2009 kupl?

also the Haggens cruiser code thank you Chosen Answer: 7 Eleven 9/2: KUPL Haggen: Need by: n7ybn on: 4th September 09

my best friend and i have the same crush. We are only eleven and I have liked him for 2 years!?

How do i tell him i love him Also, my friend knows we have the same crush and she is reeely pretty btw I am a straight girl I know 11 is sorta young Chosen Answer: You are not in love child. You don’t know what love is. You’re getting around the “boy crazy” age. [...]

well would you hire 2 eleven year olds if they were trained in babysitting?

my sis n friend is gonna get trained by chisholm trail Chosen Answer: My bro’s fiance’s (also my good friend) sister who is 11 babysits for us once a week for 3 hours but she is always in the supervision on her mother, my 19 y/o friend, or their 15 y/o sister. But, she does [...]

Is 5’2 a little too tall for an eleven year old girl?

Is 5’2 a little too tall for an eleven year old girl? It’s 5’2 and a half actually. Is that too tall, she’s also weighs 110. Is that too tall, and too heavy? Chosen Answer: She’s not too tall but maybe a little heavy for her height and age. I think I was 5’2 or [...]