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How can I become a doctor in Australia?

I want to know the process on becoming a doctor in Australia. I’m a year eleven student at a decent public school, and I would say that, I’m a average B grade student. How can I change this, I really want to become a doctor. The reason I want to pursue medicine as a career [...]

I mix my drinks 5 shots of vodka 2 water and 1 lemon. Alcohol content evaluation?

I mix my drinks 5 shots of vodka 2 water and 1 lemon. I drink 3-4 of these typically. What would you say my blood alcohol level is and how long would you say until it’s safe to drive. I weigh about 195 lbs. Chosen Answer: Average Male 180 lbs. to 200 lbs. :1 shot [...]

How much is a cell phone at Protland Int’l airport?

I’m going to be traveling into PDX and staying in the area for 2 1/2 weeks and will be needing a cell phone.Does anyone know the average cost for a cell phone rental? Or have a link to show me? Any help apperciated!! Chosen Answer: id grab a prepaid phone at the nearest 7-eleven. they [...]

How Much for 2 weeks in Thailand?

Hi All, My partner & i are going to thailand next week for 2 weeks, We have already exchanged 0AUD and Have another 00AUD in the bank for the time away. Will this be enough? What is the average amount for lunch and dinner? All our flights and accom are already paid for and we [...]

Is it normal to miss a period for 2 weeks?

im eleven and started my period in november is this normal and i did not have sex yet Chosen Answer: Yes it is completely normal. It will take a while for you to become regular. On average it is about one year. Some women never become regular and opt to take birth control later on [...]

How can i run a better 2 mile????

I have to run two miles in eleven mins. and im wondering what will help me. ive heard rubbing vapor rub on my chest would help. is that true? also what should i eat the day before and the morning of? SHould i eat alot a little? what should i eat? Chosen Answer: First and [...]

2 Dice Probability. Sum of two, nine, and eleven.?

if a pair of dice is rolled one time. probability outcome of: 2 is 0.0278 9 is 0.1111 11 is 0.0556 but how can i get the probability if the sum of the 2 dice will be 2, 9, and 11? should i add it up or get the average? Chosen Answer: Yep, add all [...]