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Are there any physicists or chemists out there who can help me with this dilemma?

When I put a water bottle overnight in the bottom of my freezer, the water does not freeze. When I pull it out and set it on a counter, it immediately begins to freeze over and form a very fine slush. I am not complaining one bit. In fact I enjoy drinking slushy water very [...]

Where can i get a big big water bottle?

hey guys i need to start drinking about 120 oz. of water a day everyday from now on but i dont wanna drink 15 little water bottles i just want like a big one i can drink 2-3 of. Anyone know where to buy these or any reccomendations on what to do, anything like that [...]

How to lose weight for me to reach my goal?

I’m 92 pound and around 5ft 1. i want to get to 85. I’m thinking: pizza for lunch, one bottle of water each day, running and stretching about 2 or 3 days a week, and one bag of cheezits on the side. anymore tips? Eva: Thanks. And no, 85 lb. is not too small, a [...]

how can i wean my eleven month old son from formula to full solids and cows milk?

my son just turned 11months yesterday he still wont hold his own bottle and ive been giving him table food an gerber foods for toddlers but he still wakes up 2 to 3 times at night to drink his formula how can i get him to stop wakin up so much at night i try [...]

Teens why were these girls in seven eleven buying junk food?

Im out here in the vanilla suburbs and these three girls go into seven eleven all of them in PJ’s and they bought a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew some chips cookies and all this junk food with no nutritional value, but one girl brought a hot pocket (ham & cheese) I mean its [...]