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How can u make burgers at home that taste like a wendys or mcdonalds/burger king burger?

I bought a dozen beef patties and i want 2 know how 2 make my burgers taste as good as fast food burgers anybody know their trick and please dont tell me their food is filthy or nasty cus thats not what im asking ,thnkyou Chosen Answer: I have worked on this a long time [...]

want to buy Ocean’s Eleven DVD for £2.50?

hey, i have awesome condition Ocean’s Eleven which I want to get rid of because I bought the box set for all the Ocean Films. I would give it for £1.99 but need to pay for postage too! Anyone interested? (UK only pls – payment will be made via paypal) true but id quite like [...]

Teens why were these girls in seven eleven buying junk food?

Im out here in the vanilla suburbs and these three girls go into seven eleven all of them in PJ’s and they bought a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew some chips cookies and all this junk food with no nutritional value, but one girl brought a hot pocket (ham & cheese) I mean its [...]

I bought Winning Eleven 7 used from, but the manual doesn’t say what Disk 2 is for?

I have put it in, and no results. If there is a technical procedure. I would like to know Chosen Answer: u got 2 disks?hmm..that’s should be only one..maybe there was a u just keep it as a souvenir ok?lol.. by: -curbside- on: 29th July 06