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How can I get my wife to join me in the UK?

I am on Income Support and Incapacity Benefit. I have been through a couple of operations and I am currently attending back rehabilitation program. My injuries was sustained eleven years ago. Chosen Answer: As long as you are drawing benefits, there is not much hope of any petition being approved. If she has a degree [...]

I keep seeing the number eleven?

At first I thought maybe its a coincidence. But this has been going on for almost 1 year! I keep seeing the number eleven basically everytime i look at the clock. Its either 1:11, 2:11, 3:11, you get it. My birthday 7/4 equals up to eleven. Even my God damn house number is eleven. It’s [...]

Baby # 2: Eleven weeks pregnant and feeling contractions already?

This is my second pregnancy. I didn’t feel any BH contractions with my first. I only started feeling contractions after I was induced. I did experience the normal cramping and pain though throughout pregnancy. This is my second and there have been a couple times lately where I swear it seems like I’m having a [...]

my best friend and i have the same crush. We are only eleven and I have liked him for 2 years!?

How do i tell him i love him Also, my friend knows we have the same crush and she is reeely pretty btw I am a straight girl I know 11 is sorta young Chosen Answer: You are not in love child. You don’t know what love is. You’re getting around the “boy crazy” age. [...]

Is Hershey Park fun for 2 eleven year olds?

i am going to hershey park with my bff in a couple days, i want 2 to how it is….. Chosen Answer: Hershey Park is great for eleven year olds, you will have the best time, especially if your bff is with you! Be sure to get your picture taken together somewhere, you will treasure [...]