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If a red dice and green dice are rolled, the probability that the sum is seven or eleven is?

A) 1/2 B) 2/9 C) 2/11 D) 1/4 Thank you! Chosen Answer: The colors don’t matter. There are 36 possible combinations for two dice. The combinations that produce a sum of 7 are: 1 and 6 2 and 5 3 and 4 6 and 1 5 and 2 4 and 3 For an 11 the [...]

How many combinations are available for each roll of the dice?

For instance to get a two you have to roll snake eyes so one possible roll. What about the rest? 2=1-1=1 3= 2-1 or 1-2=2 4=1-3 or 3-1 or 2-2=3 Chosen Answer: 36 – If you count 1-2 and 2-1 seperately, as a different combinations. They are like this Two-> 1+1 –> only 1 way [...]

Two six-sided dice are rolled (Some possibilities are (Red=1,Green=5) or (Red=2,Green=2) etc. (a) How many to?

Two six-sided dice are rolled (one red one and one green one). Some possibilities are (Red=1,Green=5) or (Red=2,Green=2) etc. (a) How many total possibilities are there? 36,11,and 12 are not right Chosen Answer: You have two dice, the POSSIBILITIES are the numbers that can be thrown with two dice, and they are all the numerals [...]

2 Dice Probability. Sum of two, nine, and eleven.?

if a pair of dice is rolled one time. probability outcome of: 2 is 0.0278 9 is 0.1111 11 is 0.0556 but how can i get the probability if the sum of the 2 dice will be 2, 9, and 11? should i add it up or get the average? Chosen Answer: Yep, add all [...]