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Compared with the other Sun Dances, what was different about the last dance?

2. Compared with the other Sun Dances, what was different about the last dance? A. The Kiowas could not find a buffalo bull for the medicine tree. B. Most of the Kiowas were Christians by then. C. The Kiowas invited some white men to observe the dance. D. The dance was held in Montana, not [...]

How would you recommend to study these subjects?

Hello, I am currently doing year eleven and my exams are in a week and a half. My classes that I am taking are: +Media +History +English +Maths +Food Technology – How would you reccomend studying each night for each of these subjects? Do I just do one class per night sort of thing? Thanks [...]

Why are there so few African restaurants in the northern USA?

I live in a medium sized city of probably 60% white, 25% black, 9% Hispanic, 2% Asian. There are tons of excellent Hispanic, and Asian restaurants, but no African restaurants and only one “soul food” restaurant. Why is that? Chosen Answer: I live in the northern USA. Within a one mile radius of my home, [...]

How to stop a beagle barking excessively?

Help. Ny neighbours have complained that my dog barks when I go out! The thing is he goes in the garage because I set my alarm (home insurance does not cover burglary if my alarm not on). I’ve started leaving him loads of treats with his food and water and bed and toys in there. [...]

How can u make burgers at home that taste like a wendys or mcdonalds/burger king burger?

I bought a dozen beef patties and i want 2 know how 2 make my burgers taste as good as fast food burgers anybody know their trick and please dont tell me their food is filthy or nasty cus thats not what im asking ,thnkyou Chosen Answer: I have worked on this a long time [...]

My daughter is eleven Year old and she her height is 55 Inches?

My daughter is eleven Year old and she her height is 55 Inches?Is that Ok ?She wanted to increase her height by using some foods and excrises Chosen Answer: Shes just short. Are you and her dad short, if so food is not going to change anything!!! Its not bad, all she is 4 foot [...]

How often should I feed my kitten?

I just got a two and a half month old kitten and I’m not sure how much to feed him and how often to feed him. I have been feeding him Avoderm wet cat food but have only been feeding him one can through out the day. It says on the instructions to feed the [...]

how can i wean my eleven month old son from formula to full solids and cows milk?

my son just turned 11months yesterday he still wont hold his own bottle and ive been giving him table food an gerber foods for toddlers but he still wakes up 2 to 3 times at night to drink his formula how can i get him to stop wakin up so much at night i try [...]

what is the best way to make 2,000 dollars fast for kids?

i need 2,000 dollars FAST but i am only eleven is there fast way to get that kind of money quick for me?? and i need it easy, fun and fast Chosen Answer: wow… mow lots of lawns, ask for money, do people favor if they gonna pay you,(only do necessary stuff) make a food [...]

Teens why were these girls in seven eleven buying junk food?

Im out here in the vanilla suburbs and these three girls go into seven eleven all of them in PJ’s and they bought a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew some chips cookies and all this junk food with no nutritional value, but one girl brought a hot pocket (ham & cheese) I mean its [...]