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how do i report illegal activity happening at a 7 eleven store?

Well, “i have this friend”, working at 7 eleven, and he said to me that he was getting payed minimum wage (7.25$/h) and he discover that on paper they put 9$ and they put less hours to get even, and the only explanation he can think of is that 7 eleven have 9$/h minimum pay [...]

the eleven dimensions of the universe, what are they?

Chosen Answer: We perceive 3-dimensions (x, y, z). An example is meeting someone for lunch: Say you are meeting a friend in a New York city building. Your friend tells you to meet him/her at the buidling located at the crossing of 7th and 10th street (x and z). To be more specific, they then [...]

How to be a really pretty tomboy?

So I have a friend (she’s eleven) and she’s a tomboy. She really wants to be pretty tho. She’s hates pink. She’s skinny. She has long hair and preferes not to do anything with it. She normally wears baggy pants and a shirt that’s a little big. She does not want to wear makeup tho. [...]

How to get my parents to let me get a kitten?

Please help me I think they think I am not responsible and they don’t know I want a kitten and I am only eleven years old and I once had a fish and it died when I was nine and they must think that the kitten is going to go the same way if I [...]

Should I break up with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years?

So, I’ve been in love with my friend Juan for almost eleven years. Just recently, about a month ago, Juan told me that he’s been in love with me for the same amount of time, but too scared to say anything. My feelings are strong for him, as his are for me. Currently, I’m dating [...]

can a baby realy stay in a women safly for eleven mounths?

my friends boyfriend keeps telling her that tha women pregnant with his baby still has not had it…and it has been 11months that she has been it possible that the baby could still be safely in her after 11months or has she really had it and he lien 2 my friend? Chosen Answer: there [...]

What are some good ideas for a holiday party? simple 10 or 2 points?

My friend is throwing a holiday party for her sister and I’m helping her plan it. What are some good ideas and games that we can do for her little sister (who is eleven and is having all girls)? thanks for the help! Chosen Answer: pass the present! wrap a gift then put another gift [...]

want to buy Ocean’s Eleven DVD for £2.50?

hey, i have awesome condition Ocean’s Eleven which I want to get rid of because I bought the box set for all the Ocean Films. I would give it for £1.99 but need to pay for postage too! Anyone interested? (UK only pls – payment will be made via paypal) true but id quite like [...]

my best friend and i have the same crush. We are only eleven and I have liked him for 2 years!?

How do i tell him i love him Also, my friend knows we have the same crush and she is reeely pretty btw I am a straight girl I know 11 is sorta young Chosen Answer: You are not in love child. You don’t know what love is. You’re getting around the “boy crazy” age. [...]

well would you hire 2 eleven year olds if they were trained in babysitting?

my sis n friend is gonna get trained by chisholm trail Chosen Answer: My bro’s fiance’s (also my good friend) sister who is 11 babysits for us once a week for 3 hours but she is always in the supervision on her mother, my 19 y/o friend, or their 15 y/o sister. But, she does [...]