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Is Sims okay for 11 (eleven) and up?

My mom and Dad arn’t that sure about getting me the game Sims 2, because of the i guess boy and girl having ‘it’. So i really want it this christmas very badly, so, im just wondering, do you think the game is okay for eleven year olds and up? Mostly just eleven year old [...]

1. A pair of dice is rolled. Find the probability that the sum of the top faces is: a. Seven b. Seven or eleve?

1. A pair of dice is rolled. Find the probability that the sum of the top faces is: a. Seven b. Seven or eleven c. At least eleven 2. A coin is flipped three times. Find the odds of getting heads exactly twice. 3. A blue die and a red die are tossed together. Find [...]

how do i report illegal activity happening at a 7 eleven store?

Well, “i have this friend”, working at 7 eleven, and he said to me that he was getting payed minimum wage (7.25$/h) and he discover that on paper they put 9$ and they put less hours to get even, and the only explanation he can think of is that 7 eleven have 9$/h minimum pay [...]

How much coffee/caffeine did you drink while trying to conceive? Can’t seem to quit the juice…?

I’ve quit a few times and then relapsed while trying to conceive. I will absolutely quit once I am pregnant, but does it really impair conception that much to have two cups a day? I don’t drink sodas, so I’m not really getting any other caffeine, other than an occasional piece of chocolate. I just [...]

Why am I getting this simple integer question wrong?

-4 squared plus 5 I keep getting twenty one as my answer, but the final answer is negative eleven. I thought negative four times negative four would equal positive sixteen? Why is it negative sixteen? I thought two negatives made a positive? Chosen Answer: There are two ways of looking at this question: (-4)^2 + [...]

how can i avoid tartar or plaque build up on the back and front part of teeth?

i brush my teeth 2 times a day but my teeth is so prone to tartar or plaque build up. These are the white stuffs that are in the sides of your tooth. I go to my dentist every 1 month for check up and cleaning but in between the month tartar keeps getting back [...]

I thought nausea was supposed to get better?

So, I’ve been nauseated since about six weeks or so, all day but not horrible. I’m eleven and a half weeks now and it’s actually getting worse, not better like all the books say. Last night I was to the point of dry-heaving (sorry, TMI) and had bright lights flashing. Chosen Answer: Eek.. I was [...]

About how much will I get back on my taxes?

I have worked as a waitress for about a year, eleven months getting paid about 2.31 a hour, 40-45 dollar paychecks, every other week. I am claiming three children and head of household. Can someone give me a estimate of about how much I will get back? And what if I don’t claim head of [...]

Is it possible to count music in seventh notes?

By this, I mean can you count a time signature like 11/7 or 4/7 (And no, I don’t mean as in 7/4 time where it’s seven quarter notes, I mean eleven seventh notes or four seventh notes) out? I was thinking about this because I was wondering about more abstract or odd time signatures, because [...]

I’m eleven and my period is overdue a few days?

Im eleven years old and this should be about my 4th time around getting my period. It’s overdue about 5 days, and im wondering what’s going on. My mom said i might skip this month, since im little and sometimes I will skip a month. Is this true? Any other ideas why I haven’t gotten [...]