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My eleven year old sister likes a guy?

I have a sister whos in middle school and is eleven. She likes this guy. She wrote a note to him telling him that she liked him! He still hasn’t said anything to her and its been about 2 weeks. She knows he likes someone else but that girl doesn’t like him. But my sister [...]

My bff is sneaking out i need sumthin 2 do… me?

shes leaving at 2 (nevermind tht we are ELEVEN!!!!OMG) im at her house til 2morrow and i need something 2 do 4 about 2 hours. WWUD? wat would u do? ilyaayau (i love u as a yahoo answers user lol yeah i guess ur right but her mom is sick and shes already gone. i [...]

At the end of the 12th day of xmas, how many of each item would your true love have given you?

According to the song, on the 1st day you get a partridge in a pear tree. On day 2, you get 2 turtle doves AND a partridge in a pear tree, thus now having 2 turtle doves and TWO partridges. So at the end of the 12th day, how many of each would you have? [...]

What should i get my grandfather for Christmas?

I don’t really know much about him, but he doesn’t really leave his house a lot, and he likes to fish. He has 2 or 3 dogs. What should i get him that’s not super expensive (Like around ) Chosen Answer: On the first day of Christmas My true love gave to me A drunk [...]

What are some good books similar to THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY?

I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins 2 times and just finished the last book, Mockingjay. OMG I loved them all, especially at last were Katniss realized she did love Peeta as able to have kids and live a normal life without worrying about them ever being reaped to enter another [...]

What Can I Do To Lose A Little Weight?

ok I am 14 and weigh about 110 pounds. im about 5’2. i need help on the best ways to lose weight and ways to work out. also, what are some ways to deal with acne. i don’t have it bad. only like one or two pimples. but i would like to have none if [...]

How to stop a beagle barking excessively?

Help. Ny neighbours have complained that my dog barks when I go out! The thing is he goes in the garage because I set my alarm (home insurance does not cover burglary if my alarm not on). I’ve started leaving him loads of treats with his food and water and bed and toys in there. [...]

Is it normal to miss a period for 2 weeks?

im eleven and started my period in november is this normal and i did not have sex yet Chosen Answer: Yes it is completely normal. It will take a while for you to become regular. On average it is about one year. Some women never become regular and opt to take birth control later on [...]

What would you do if you had 2 mins to live?

I have a burrito from 7 eleven. Good stuff. Twizzlers for desert. Chosen Answer: dependz if im wit my family den i would tel em how much i love em if not then…. dont realy know lol by: Carla on: 20th August 09

Should I break up with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years?

So, I’ve been in love with my friend Juan for almost eleven years. Just recently, about a month ago, Juan told me that he’s been in love with me for the same amount of time, but too scared to say anything. My feelings are strong for him, as his are for me. Currently, I’m dating [...]