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Sims 3 (or Sims 2) PC: inappropriate?

I’m eleven but I will be twelve in a month. Mom says the game is too inappropriate because it says “sexual themes” (and yet she lets me watch extremely inappropriate movie for my age like “Date Night”) Are there REALLY any sexual themes besides the kissing I saw on the back of the box? Are [...]

How to do a one leg stunt?

I have three stunt groups in my sqaud of eleven. We are doing a pyrimid with one thigh stand and two half libs. Then the thigh stand flyer will hold the half lib flyers legs. To do this stunt, we need two half liberties. How to you get into a liberty and how do the [...]

I thought nausea was supposed to get better?

So, I’ve been nauseated since about six weeks or so, all day but not horrible. I’m eleven and a half weeks now and it’s actually getting worse, not better like all the books say. Last night I was to the point of dry-heaving (sorry, TMI) and had bright lights flashing. Chosen Answer: Eek.. I was [...]

How would you recommend to study these subjects?

Hello, I am currently doing year eleven and my exams are in a week and a half. My classes that I am taking are: +Media +History +English +Maths +Food Technology – How would you reccomend studying each night for each of these subjects? Do I just do one class per night sort of thing? Thanks [...]

How do you get your potty trained toddler to stop using a diaper at night?

My daughter is 3.5 years old, fully potty trained since she was 2 and eleven m,onths but still wears a diaper at night. How can I do away with it. we tryied but she wets her bed EVERY time… Chosen Answer: Some kids wet the bed at night until puberty. It is not on purpose. [...]

how can i wean my eleven month old son from formula to full solids and cows milk?

my son just turned 11months yesterday he still wont hold his own bottle and ive been giving him table food an gerber foods for toddlers but he still wakes up 2 to 3 times at night to drink his formula how can i get him to stop wakin up so much at night i try [...]

I missed my Ortho Tri-Cyclin-LO (Birth Control) by about 2 hours of my normal time. What does this change?

Pretty much says all in the above question. But usually I take my pill between ten PM and eleven PM but last night I forgot until around twelve twenty AM. Its only about two hours but I wanted to know if this would really affect anything? Will it lower my effectiveness of the pill? Thanks(: [...]

can i leave my contacts in until eleven at night if i put it on at ten in the morning?

just incase you are wondering, they are soft contacts and i had it for about 2 weeks. so can i? Chosen Answer: I expect my patients wearing contacts to be comfortable in them all their waking hours. You should be fine wearing them from 10AM to 11 PM by: David E on: 11th February 10

In what state other than the crappy state of NJ – that i just moved into- can’t you buy beer at a 7-eleven?

It’s 11:30pm on a sunday night before labor day and needed my weekly beer fix. I drove to a 24 hour pathmark and could not find beer and to my surprise, in the state of new jersey, you can’t buy beer in a supermarket. So i went to a 7-eleven, same story except the cashier [...]

Teens why were these girls in seven eleven buying junk food?

Im out here in the vanilla suburbs and these three girls go into seven eleven all of them in PJ’s and they bought a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew some chips cookies and all this junk food with no nutritional value, but one girl brought a hot pocket (ham & cheese) I mean its [...]