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What is the seven-eleven?

I was watching “Back to the Future 2″ the other week, and a kid on there asked Marty (after playing on a shoot-em-up video game) “where did you learn to shoot like that?” and he answered “the seven-eleven!” I know there is a store chain called the seven-eleven, is this the same thing? If so, [...]

If a red dice and green dice are rolled, the probability that the sum is seven or eleven is?

A) 1/2 B) 2/9 C) 2/11 D) 1/4 Thank you! Chosen Answer: The colors don’t matter. There are 36 possible combinations for two dice. The combinations that produce a sum of 7 are: 1 and 6 2 and 5 3 and 4 6 and 1 5 and 2 4 and 3 For an 11 the [...]

How many apples did all the farmers produce, in total?

Fifteen different farmers each had their own apple orchards. The first farmer had only one apple tree in his orchard, the second farmer had two trees in his orchard, and so on up to fifteen trees for the fifteenth farmer. At harvest time, each farmer noticed something very peculiar: each tree in the same orchard [...]

Can you please help me solve this mathematical puzzle?

Determine the digits of Q from these clues. The first and third digits of Q are odd. The second and fourth digits of Q are even. The fourth digit is two times the first digit. The first and second digits add to seven. The second and third digits add to nine. The third and fourth [...]

Is it possible to count music in seventh notes?

By this, I mean can you count a time signature like 11/7 or 4/7 (And no, I don’t mean as in 7/4 time where it’s seven quarter notes, I mean eleven seventh notes or four seventh notes) out? I was thinking about this because I was wondering about more abstract or odd time signatures, because [...]

How many more years can the following players still play in Major League, your estimation?

1. Derek Jeter: 2. Chipper Jones: 3. Nomar Garciaparra: 4. Greg Maddux: 5. Ichiro: 6. A-Rod: 7. David Ortiz: 8. Manny Ramirez: Chosen Answer: 1. Derek Jeter: Anywhere from seven to ten. He’s only 33. 2. Chipper Jones: I’d say four. 3. Nomar Garciaparra: Five. 4. Greg Maddux: One. He already said he will be [...]

Which two PS3 games should I get my cousins?

Three of my cousins want some Batman games. Their ages are: six, seven, eleven. The eleven year old wants Batman: Arkham City and Asylum while the other two want the Lego Batman games. I have played both Batman arkham games and the first Lego Batman at my friends’ house. I only have enough for two [...]

How to find the annual growth rates?

How do you find the annual growth rates for a quantity that: a) doubles every seven years b) triples every eleven years c) grows by 3% per month d) grows by 18% every 5 months Please help, thank you. Chosen Answer: FV=2 PV=1 N=7 PMT=0 Solve for R FV=3 PV=1 N=11 PMT=0 Solve for R [...]

What is Peter Jackson Full Flavor Cigarettes?

Australian seven elevens sell full flavored peter jackson cigarettes. The pack is very fancy but the cigarettes taste like any other. What makes Peter Jackson Full Flavor so special that they are not in any other milk bars and they have a much nicer pack? Chosen Answer: There’s only 2 ciggie companies in OZ. They [...]