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How do I convert “12^5 + (25)12^4+23″ to base 12 notation without computing 12^5 and 12^4?

I know this much: 23 ones cannot be written as such when i convert this to base 12 notation. So I must carry over a set of 12 to the next place, so I now have 1 in the 12^1 place and E in the one’s place. (E being eleven and the highest singular value [...]

What is the minimum value of the expression x^2 + 10x – 11?

minimum value of x squared plus ten x minus eleven. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

Teens why were these girls in seven eleven buying junk food?

Im out here in the vanilla suburbs and these three girls go into seven eleven all of them in PJ’s and they bought a 2 liter bottle of mountain dew some chips cookies and all this junk food with no nutritional value, but one girl brought a hot pocket (ham & cheese) I mean its [...]

wat price can i fetch for 2 yrs old esteem vxi only eleven thousand kms done?

value of esteem vxi Chosen Answer: if in gud conditn-nt mor thn 3lacs by: CoOl on: 6th May 08