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what things should i get my eleven year old for christmas?

this is her list and i know i already asked this 1. Money! 2. Target, iTunes, Aeropostale, Michaels, bath and body works, Barnes and noble and Claire’s gift cards 3. Rubrics’ cube 4. ¾ inch Conair curling iron 5. Out of this world gift box from lush or a lush gift card 6. Sims 2 [...]

Can you without any bias, name your best eleven line-up in the English Premier League?

Do you think this team here can win the world cup if they were all of one nationality? 1. Shay Given 2. Terry 3. Vidic 4. Ashley cole 5. Glen Johnson 6. Gerrard 7. Fabregas 8. Van Persie 9. Rooney 10. Drogba 11. Torres Reserves Cech Evra Lescott Lenon Defoe Anelka Managed by SAF Chosen [...]

IS any GTA game suitable for an eleven year old?

Any, in the whole wide world. Even if it is GTA1 or GTA 2 but still is there any. If not which GTA game is most close to my age. Chosen Answer: No. by: on: 26th September 11

world eleven football players 4\4\2 formation,whats yours?

1 casillas 2 puyol 3 terry 4 lahm 5 ramos 6 gerrard 7 essien 8 ronaldo 9 messi 10 torres 11 villa Chosen Answer: ———-Cassilas Maicon-Terry-Vidic-Evra ————-Essien———— ———–Fabregas———– Messi……Rooney……Ronaldo ………….Torres………………… But For a 4-4-2 Cassilas Maicon-Terry-Vidic-Evra Messi—Essien-Gerrard-Ronaldo ———-Drogba—-Torres by: Umer on: 5th February 10

What is a number eleven punishment in the Royal Navy?

I’m reading a book about the Royal Navy during World War 2 and the number eleven punishment comes up a lot. What does it involve? Chosen Answer: forfeit of leave for 2 weeks ’14 days’ Number 11 Punishment. I was much dismayed at this, since it meant that I should forfeit all leave for the [...]

For world eleven test team u will Pick Mitchell Johnson or Dale steyn? give 2-3 reasons in support of ur rep?

Who has d ability to effect 5 day cricket.steyn or Johnson( as he is one of brilliant Test All rounder)…. If u r captain of world eleven Then u have 2 options as these……..which player u want in ur 11 …….? support By 3 Genuine resons…….. Chosen Answer: Steynkie! – In a better form (Nope, [...]